Thursday, 14 November 2013

You Beauty Advent Calendar!!!

So this year I decided to treat myself to a beauty advent calendar, I've never had one before, deciding which one to get was my next task. The benefit one was extremely limited, the selfridges one was quite expensive, I didn't want 24 nail polishes, which struck the ciate one off the list. Then I heard about the You Beauty Advent Calendar, £49.95 for items from different brands, check out the website to see what's in it and it's still currently available. You will have to pay £4.95 delivery if you are not a member, read about the You Beauty Discovery Beauty Box here.
When it arrived I had to resist the urge to open every single door immediately, but my birthday is in December and I thought it would actually be nice to open every door day by day, follow on instagram/twitter for pictures of what's in each door (Aallexxy).
It also contains a booklet explaining each product with discount codes, some valid through to the end of January next year, so still plenty of time to use them.
Have you treated yourself to any beauty advent calendars this year?