Monday, 25 July 2016

Pre-Holiday Prep to getting Beach Body Ready - Body & Hair

Now everyone is bikini body ready, you have a body and stick a bikini on it, so don't worry, this post is not about fad diets, waist trainers or weeks of starvation, just a few things I will be doing to make myself feel a little more confident when I want to strip down (to my bikini) on the beach. Being 30+ post child there's no doubt that that I'm feeling a little hesitant about donning a bikini on my pending summer holiday, yes I know I should be brimming with confidence and have a 'no care' attitude, but here is what I'll be doing to help that attitude along a little bit. I'll have a series of posts on pre, during and post holiday preparation/reparation, for my face, body and hair as I will be going to Greece next month to be Matron of Honour at my best friends wedding, we (husband & son) decided to extend our stay a little and make it our family summer holiday. 

This post will focus on what I'm doing to prepare for the holiday, with regards to my Body and Hair;

So other than wishing I could have abs overnight, my main body prep is hair removal, when going away I opt for waxing all over. I normally wax my underarms anyway, but now we go into full leg and bikini territory (ouch). To get the best wax, especially if it's not something you do regularly, you need to schedule a wax approximately 6 weeks before the actual waxing session before you go away. This ensures you catch most of the hairs around the same length in their growth cycle for the smoothest results possible, also I would encourage some body exfoliation about 5 days prior to the waxing appointment and at least 3 days after to prevent ingrown hairs. In shower body scrubs are great for this, saves time, prevents too much mess and are effective. I've opted for my latest descovery DHC Olive Corn Body Scrub and Polish, which contains Olive Oil and Vitamin E, but in the past I've also used the one by Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub (herehere), which s a little less abrasive.
Hair: So I have natural afro dyed hair, which is usually worn in a protective style, think wigs and weaves. I have done a Olaplex treatment on my hair (I bought a sample off ebay), this is a unique treatment in that it's the only one that can repair/build broken bonds, usually broken through chemical processes like relaxers, heat damage, permanent colour processes, bleaching the hair etc. This should help strengthen my hair and make more resistant to the damages that can occur from sun, sea, chlorine and sand.
I'm also getting an Arosci Keratin Treatment done at my hairdresser salonABV, (check them out) this will hopefully allow for quick frizz free washing and drying of my hair, to ensure I can easily wash out the sea and chlorine water with ease, nobody wants to spend half their holiday doing wash day activities. The Olaplex treatment is also recommended to be done prior to keratin treatments, to protect hair from the amount of heat that is usually applied during these processes. I haven't decided how I am going to wear my hair on holiday, so this will impact what I get done before I go.

Let me know what your pre-holiday prep consists of? Do you have any tips for me?

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Pre-holiday prep to get Bikini Body Ready - Face

Now everyone is bikini body ready, you have a body and stick a bikini on it, so don't worry, this post is not about fad diets, waist trainers or weeks of starvation, just a few things I will be doing to make myself feel a little more confident when I want to strip down (to my bikini) on the beach. Being 30+ post child there's no doubt that that I'm feeling a little hesitant about donning a bikini on my pending summer holiday, yes I know I should be brimming with confidence and have a 'no care' attitude, but here is what I'll be doing to help that attitude along a little bit. I'll have a series of posts on pre, during and post holiday preparation/reparation, for my face, body and hair as I will be going to Greece next month to be Matron of Honour at my best friends wedding, we (husband & son) decided to extend our stay a little and make it our family summer holiday. 

This post will focus on what I'm doing to prepare for the holiday, with regards to my Face;

TheFoundationDirectory; an example of a nights skincare routine
Since my summer holiday has a slight twist to it (#matronofhonourduties) I want to ensure my skin is in tip top condition, so I will ensure I stick to my skin care routine, my combination skin quickly lets me know when I've been slacking. To start with I need to ensure thorough cleansing every night, to remove makeup, spf etc, I love a balm or an oil for this and my current one is the Mahogany Naturals Soothing Cleansing Oil. This organic cleansing oil has a combination of natural oils that break down dirt, sebum and makeup, I apply it to my dry face and remove with a hot wet face cloth. It contains oils like Grape Seed, Olive, Tea Tree and Jasmine Flower to name a few. I also love using facial oils at night, even on my combination skin, it's important to ensure my skin is hydrated and nourished, as I spend the day trying to combat oil and focus on mattifying products. I love the Mahogany Naturals hydrating repair oil, packed full of antioxidants and rejuvenators like Evening Primrose, vitamin E, Rosehip and Tea Tree to name a few, these plump, repair hydrate and soften the skin.
TheFoundationDirectory; DHC Superhero Eye Rescue
Exfoliation is also a big part of my skincare routine, I prefer to acid exfoliate in the evenings, my new current love is the soon to be replaced Clinique clarifying lotion in Mild. It will now be replaced with Clarifying lotion 1.0, which will still be alcohol free, so that's good to know. I enjoy using face masks, and try to do them weekly, my all time favourites are the Avene Cleanance Mask and the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, but most face masks cannot be used around the eye area so I will be incorporating the new DHC Superhero Eye Rescue Masks, which encircles the entire eye area so work above and below the eye area. This is great news for me as my eyelid area is actually more of a problem for me than my under eye area, which is where most eye products usually just focus on.

At home face masks are all well and good, but cannot compare to getting a professional facial, I will endeavour to get one prior to going away, my favourite is the Environ Facial, which I reviewed here last year, done at the excellent Beauty and Melody Salon. I really did notice a huge improvement in my skin following this, and my skincare just performed so much more effectively. Or my more recent experience of the heaven skincare facial, I had done by the fabulous founder Deborah Mitchell, read all about it here.

I also have an appointment to get the Heaven skincare London Lash and Brow Treatment done tomorrow, (I will link back to the post once it's up) so there'll be no need for me to worry about filling in brows or wearing mascara, which will be great when I go for a dip in the pool or sea.
I won't be waiting until I get to Greece to slap on that SPF either, pigmentation is one of my biggest skin care woes, there's no point doing all of the above if I am not protecting my face from the sun's harmful UV rays. My old time favourite is here, but a new found love is the Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF50, which can be used alone for the full SPF50 or added to your moisturiser or foundation for an added touch of SPF. How genius is that!!!

Let me know what your pre-holiday prep consists of? Do you have any tips for me?

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Superdrug's #ShadesOfBeauty Campaign

So Superdrug have stepped forward and acknowledged the lack of products on their shelves for women of colour, they are not the only ones of course, but they are the first to make an official pledge to address the lack of diversity on the highstreet. They've made a commitment to address this with the #ShadesOfBeauty campaign, they've signed TV presenter June Sarpong as the official ambassador, to help raise awareness of the issue and drive change.

TheFoundationDirectory; Superdrug #ShadesOfBeauty Campaign
Superdrug commissioned independent research, almost 600 Black and Asian women were questioned, and the outcome is probably no surprise to you and I. 70% felt the high street doesn't cater to their beauty needs, 55% want more affordable makeup available for their skin tones and 75% think there isn't enough advice and guidance on the high street for their beauty needs, to name a few outcomes.
TheFoundationDirectory; Superdrug #ShadesOfBeauty Campaign
As a start Superdrug have over 100 products available in 140 stores that cater to Asian and Afro hair, these include brand like Shea Moisture, Dark and Lovely, Vatika, ORS & Palmers to name a few. They have redesigned the website to create an area specifically for Black and Asian products, met with all their makeup suppliers and challenged them to expand the shade range of their foundations, Maybelline have confirmed new darker shades by the end of the year. They've also added new brands that cater to brownbeauties like Cakecosmetics, which will also be available online from August. If your local store doesn't carry the full range you can order online and get free instore delivery, or home delivery if you are a beauty clubcard member. I do hope however that things actually end up on the shelves and not just online, so we can swatch and pick appropriate shades.

Aallexxy with June Sarpong Ambassador for Superdrug #ShadesOfBeauty Campaign
I'm so happy Superdrug is doing this campaign, I mean it's only 2016, hopefully other drugstores will take note. I know Boots have already expanded and include more haircare brands for women of colour, so hopefully it can only get better from here.

Do you feel enough is being done? Have you noticed a difference in your local Superdrug?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Facial and Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell

TheFoundationDirectory; Heaven Skincare and Facial by Deborah Mitchell
I was super excited when I got an exclusive invite for a special evening with Founder Deborah Mitchell of Heaven Skincare and beauty therapist. Heaven is a luxury British organic skincare brand, founded in 1991, the key ingredient in most of her products is Bee Venom. Deborah came up with this potion in a dream, her sister is a bee keeper, so she knew a lot about bees. She has now patented her 'secret' mix as Abeetoxin, a complicated formulation of bee venom, honey and natural botulinum harvested from bees.

TheFoundationDirectory; Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Mask - Gold
Deborah's infamous Bee Venom Mask is sold in 3 tiers;
Silver (£7.50-£82) - this contains the lowest amount of Abeetoxin as an introduction to the masks, but also good for those with sensitive skin. It's more like a rich cream than a traditional mask, and appeared to disappear from the surface of my face within minutes of application. It contains essential oils like organic Rose & Lavender, also organic Marshmallow, organic Shea Butter, vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, obviously Bee Venom, Abeetoxin & Honey. It's said to control facial muscles for an immediate tightening & lifting effect, it firms & releases collagen, relaxes muscles, and interestingly can help with pain.You apply a thick layer, leave for 10-20 minutes and then wash off. You can also apply it on top of your usual moisturiser or as your moisturiser, I've not trialled it in this way yet though, but it did feel very hydrating upon application so I can see how it would work. I cannot comment on the anti-ageing effects unfortunately, because even though I'm in my 30's wrinkles are not something that is a concern for me, but a great preventative measure and really nice moisturiser.

Black (£163)- her bestseller and Gold (£352), which you can only buy once, as it uses the Queen Bee Venom and there's only one in each hive. But don't forget this is an organic brand, so Deborah is now a 'Guardian of the Bees', because she donates a percentage of all her profits to bee charities and the way she extracts the venom actually saves the bees lives.

TheFoundationDirectory; Heaven Skincare
Deborah started out at 17 years old as a mobile therapist, she has been quoted as saying 'when I put my hands on the first person I ever treated, a strange, life-changing feeling came over me.....Now if I don’t do enough treatments, I suffer; it’s therapeutic for me'. Deborah can quote a long list of some very important royal clients and A-list celebrities including Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Junior and Victoria Beckham to name a few. So when I got the chance for her to lay her hands on my face (feet and hands included) I jumped at it, she doesn't only just do facials, but reads your aura/heals while she's at it. In the luxurious setting of the Langham Hotel room, I laid down while Deborah read my aura, I have a lot going on in my head she chimed (she's not wrong there). She cleanse, massaged and treated my face, neck, d├ęcolletage, hands and feet, it was a wonderfully relaxing experience and my face felt clean, plump and glowing after.

TheFoundationDirectory; Aallexxy with Deborah Mitchell following Heaven Skincare Facial

I have to say the packaging and overall presentation of the brand is gorgeous, when you expect to see a tub, it's actually a pump, it's clean, sophisticated and luxurious. Deborah has a great down to earth, vivacious bubbly personality, you can tell she really cares about her clients. If you are looking for a great British luxury organic brand with a focus on anti-ageing this is definitely for you, check out the range here.

Friday, 24 June 2016

The Limited Edition Rituals of Karma Summer Collection

TheFoundationDirectory; Rituals of Karma Summer Collection (image cred:
Rituals have created a limited edition summer collection called, The Ritual of Karma. According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts positive karma, that is good or bad luck being viewed as resulting from one's actions. Rituals have devised a four step routine using the products from this collection to help practice the art of good karma. I'm not sure how this routine will do that exactly, but it definitely gives you food for thought and is relaxing and pampering in the process, which will hopefully put you in the head space to think good thoughts, which is a start.

TheFoundationDirectory; Rituals of Karma Body Cream (image cred:
I received two items from the five in the collection; The Ritual of Karma Body Cream (£19.50) and Shower Oil (£8.50). The body cream is a rich creamy moisturiser that contains gorgeous shimmer particles, that look great on my skin tone. I really love this body cream, it's perfect for summer, rich enough to moisturises the skin but not at all heavy or sticky. And the shimmer particles are an added bonus, I've almost used up this 200ml tub, and will need to repurchase for my pending summer holiday, can you imagine my skin shimmering away in the sunlight by the pool?! Don't worry I won't forget to apply sunscreen, if only this body cream contained an SPF, that would have been the cherry on the cake. The body cream has a light refreshing scent, as it combines the floral aroma of White Lotus, with refreshing Bergamot, bliss!!!

TheFoundationDirectory; Rituals of Karma Shower Oil (image cred:
Next is The Ritual of Karma Shower Oil, this is a lightly foaming shower gel that nourishes while it cleanses, leaving the skin soft and clean with the same scents as the body cream. If prolonging a tan is something you look for this will help, as it nourishes and hydrates the skin, ensuring you lose less pigment.

The collection also contains a Body Scrub, Shower Foam and Bed & Body Mist, but hurry at it is limited edition. You can find the collection here prices start at £8.50.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sip 'n' Share Event with Illusions Cosmetics

TheFoundationDirectory; Janice & Denise Tunnell of Illusions Cosmetics
I was super excited when I was invited to an intimate event in London by one half of the dynamic twin duo makeup artist Denise Tunnell. Denise and Janice Tunnell are celebrity, television and film make-up artists based in America, their clientelle reads like a who's who of the A-list, including Brandy, Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson & Mike Epps to mane a few. And the film/TV accolades are even more impressive The Notebook, The Hunger Games, The Grammy Awards, Vampire Diaries, need I go on?

In addition to this the Tunnell twins somehow found the time to create their own cosmetics line in 2006 called Illusions Cosmetics, created to address the needs of women of colour. This extensive line features foundations, powder, blush, eye shadows, liquid lipstick and lip gloss to name a few. The twins also have plans to extend the line to include skin care and make-up brushes in the near future. I have previously reviewed items from the Illusions Cosmetics range, see here and here.

TheFoundationDirectory; Illusions Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks
At this event I also got to try the Liquid Lipsticks, which I absolutely love, there isn't a shade in there I wouldn't wear. Below I'm wearing the shade Sushi Flower, a gorgeous fuchsia pink, these liquid lipsticks are very pigmented and have a satin finish so very comfortable to wear on the lips.

Aallexxy in Illusions Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in Sushi Flower
I also got to play around with the Eye Dusts, which I have reviewed previously (see link above), I fell in love with Bada Bling. It's a dark black brown with lots of gold shot through it, but to be honest all these shades are great, pigmented and in this great spill resistant packaging.

TheFoundationDirectory; Illusions Cosmetics Eye Dusts
The Tunnell twins are such inspirations, not originally trained in make-up artistry, for years they worked 2 jobs to be able to follow their passion. They are great role models for the likes of myself, pursuing our passions on the side of a full time career. Even now the Tunnell twins are juggling a very busy schedule as they host a weekly online radio show called 'Beauty Talk', where the sisters give the beauty industry it's voice.

You can check out the full Illusions Cosmetics line on their website, prices start at $9, and they will soon start shipping to the UK.

Have you tried anything from this brand?

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kiko Cosmetics Summer Collection

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Kiko Milano's Limited Edition Summer Collection, inspired by the passion to travel, I have to say I was awe struck by the gorgeous packaging straight off the bat. The packaging was designed by designer Ross Lovegrove who's known for his futuristic and conceptual work, he was given the brief to design beautiful products you can take with you anywhere. This fits well with Kiko's overall ethos to provide functional and affordable products, that look and perform far better than there actual cost. The result? The collections gorgeous golden lust worthy packaging, that I'd be happy to pull out of my bag for on the go touch-ups absolutely anywhere.; Kiko Summer Collection
This huge collection includes a DD Cream, Cream & Powder Foundation, Bronzer, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Lipstick, Lip Oils, Highlighters, Makeup brushes, Baked Blushers, Fragrance and another gorgeous make-up bag I'd rather use as a clutch bag (Click here to see what I'm talking about). I haven't managed to try everything I received from this massive collection, partly due the size of the collection, but also because the foundation I got in the goody bag actually doesn't match my skin tone. I'll pick some of my favourites so far from what I have.; Kiko Summer Collection
First up is the Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara £12.90; As the name would imply, this is a volumising mascara, and it's great at doing that, but not so much lengthening. It's a very nice very black mascara that stays put all day, it has a medium sized brush that tapers to a point. I really like this mascara, but I do pair it with a lengthening mascara (which I do a lot with my mascara's) to get the benefits of both volume and length. The Dessert Dunes Bronzer £22.90 is another item I like, not because it actually bronzes my skin tone, even though I have the darker of the 2 shades available. I used this as a finishing powder to add a subtle glow to my face. This bronzer is absolutely huge, a massive 20grams to be precise, very reminiscent of something from Tom Ford. It could also be used as a subtle highlighter depending on your skin tone. Next up is the Mirage Lip Stylo £13.90 (aka Lipstick), I have 2 of the 16 shades and 11 Soul Blackcurrant is my fave, the deep fuchsia shade is right up my street, when I want to opt for bold colour on my lips, see it in action on my instagram (Aallexxy) here. The next item I'm going to touch on is the Lip Oil £10.90, which I feel is a brewing trend in beauty. This is a great glossy textured moisturising lip oil that has no colour, but is available in three scents, hence the different tints I have the vanilla scented option. The scent is not overpowering or sickly, which is nice, it just gives some hydration and sheen to the lips more than anything. It's a nice alternative to applying a balm, while out and about. And finally is the Makeup Pochette £16.90, which as mentioned previously, I'd more likely use as a clutch bag on a night out.; Kiko Summer Collection
What do you think of this new collection? Have you picked up any items yet? See the collection here, prices start from £8.90.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant

TheFoundationDirectory; Dove Soft Feel Powder Room

I was invited down to the Dove Soft Feel Powder Room at Westfield Stratford, to learn all about this popular deodorant called Soft Feel, that's now in it's second year. The scent for this was developed in collaboration with global fragrance house Givaudan, as Dove wanted to explore how we attach scent to memories, you know when you smell something and it gives you a feeling of nostalgia. So Dove partnered up with Givaudan to create a scent that would evoke a sense of comfort, freshness and luxury, the fragrance has top notes of Vanilla, heart notes of Sandalwood and base notes of Ylang Ylang. You wouldn't believe I was still talking about a deodorant with a list like that would you? This all while still incorporating Dove's signature 1/4 moisturising cream, 0% alcohol and 48 hour protection, so the deodorant is still gentle on your underarm skin. I didn't realise so much went into the development of the scent for a deodorant, I will definitely be picking my scent much more carefully from now on, rather than just opting for the odourless version.
TheFoundationDirectory; Dove Soft Feel Deodorant 
The scent as you would imagine from the name is very light and soft, so present enough to be worn on it's own, but definitely wouldn't interfere with any perfume layered over the top. The Soft Feel Powder Room toured London and Manchester, did you spot any pink fluffy pods while out shopping during the month of May?

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant is available here, and currently on offer.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

MAC Cosmetics A/W16 Trend Presentation; MAC A/W16 Trends
It seems really odd to be talking or thinking about autumn/winter, when we've barely had a summer, but I got the fab opportunity to attend the MAC A/W16 Trends Presentation. Talking make-up and nail trends for autumn/winter this year, based on designs done on the catwalks of fashion week.

Make-up Trends
Let's start with the make-up trends; It's going to be all about the lightweight base, something we are more accustomed to in summer, allowing the skin to show through, no make-up make-up if you like. NOw don't be shocked, but apparently contouring is going out, yes there's an 'anti-contouring' trend on the horizon, according to MAC. I guess this goes hand in hand with a much more lightweight base and skin looking more like skin.; MAC A/W16 Trends
Of course we expect a dark lip for autumn/winter, but MAC is trying to reinvent how this is applied, think grungy but sophisticated. Imperfect lip lines, that are smudgy around the edges. Also glossy lips are in, new technology will allow us to apply a glossy lip that lasts, without the need for multiple reapplications using MAC's lipglass. Eye liner is also being applied haphazardly, as if you've made a mistake, not just sticky strictly to the lash line area. Of course the nude isn't going anywhere either, but think true nudes, that actually look like your own lip colour almost as if you're not wearing a lip colour. It's all about lip prep before application, so you don't actually require that much colour. Also heart shaped lips are in, on the catwalk these were drawn in on the models, where their cupids bows were very exaggerated. Again prepping lips so they look as plump as possible prior to colour application.

The main thing here I guess is that short nails are out and long pointy nails are in, which is great for me, but I'm sure pointy nails have been in for a while (think stiletto nails). Nails are still matte, but not flat and glamorous, but with an edge and some attitude. Another catwalk trend that may not necessarily translate to everyday is painting the actual fingers, yes, extending the polish down your thumb for instance. It'll only last the night, but it'll be interesting to see if this actually takes off. My favourite of the nail trends however is the idea of not forgetting the back of the nail, that's right a little colour or bling applied to the underside of the nail, which again I guess goes hand in hand with short nails being out! Nail art is going to be paired way back, and be reserved for the underside of the nail too. Also MAC are trying to reinvent the classic french manicure, by leaving them clear instead of painting them white. Pastel nails are also going to be big in A/W, but these are going to be applied with a shimmer topcoat that makes them easier to wear and less chalky. I'd like to see that in practice, as pastel colours can be difficult to pull off on deeper skin tones, it'll be interesting to see if the shimmer topcoat makes a difference.

Obviously trends are just guidelines, and some catwalk trends won't translate to every day wear as easily. Always feel free to continue to wear your make-up and nails however makes you happy, rules are there to be broken after all.

What are your thoughts on these A/W MAC Trends?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Kiko Cosmetics - The Artist Collection

(Source: via google)
The Italian brand Kiko bring us The Artist Collection, inspired by the world of art and looks at your face as the canvas and these products are your artist's tools. We can now all be our own artist and create a work of art on our face. I love the idea behind this collection, and the collection itself doesn't disappoint, all at very affordable price points.

The full collection consists of;
  • Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation £12.90
  • Velvet Loose Mineral Beauty Powder £10.90 – 4 shades
  • Blending Wave Multi color Blush £10.90 – 4 shades
  • Fine Art Eye Pencil £5.90 – 6 shades
  • Signature Eye marker £6.90
  • Artist Powder Face Brush £13.90
  • Artist Foundation Face Brush £13.90
  • Artist Eye Duo Brush £11.90
  • Artist Pochette £9.90
  • Blooming Glow £13.90
  • Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter £8.90
  • Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eye shadow £6.90 - 6 shades
  • Colour Click Lipstick £6.90
  • Fine Art Lip Pencil £4.90 - 6 shades
  • Artist Pochette - Make-up bag £9.90

TheFoundationDirectory; Kiko Artist Collection

Firstly I love the packaging of this collection, the clean white with splashes of colour, how the lip pencil is literally shaped like an artist's pencil and the push click delivery system of the lipstick. I will be discussing the latter 5 items on the blog today, starting with the Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter, that literally has a cushion ball applicator like how an artist may use a sponge to smudge colours into a canvas. You twist the applicator up from the bottom, and the smudge or dab onto areas of your face you would like to highlight. It's a gorgeous pale golden shade, that can either give a subtle lit from within glow or built up for full on look for you highlighter fiends out there. Then the Colour Click Lipstick that's very reminiscent of Chanel's lipstick delivery system, where you push the bottom of the lipstick and it pops out. There are 5 shades in total, I have the shade 03 Clamourous Strawberry, it's a bright pink shade. This lipstick is super creamy and glides on the lips, it has a satin finish. Then I have the Fine Art Lip Pencil in the matching shade, which is highly pigmented, creamy and also glides along the lips. They have a sort of rounded triangle shape, in the guise of an actual artist's pencil, great for stopping it from rolling away while you're doing your make-up. Now for the Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eye shadow, I have the shade 05 Skill Blue, a super glittery royal blue colour. I love the mesh style delivery system in the packaging, so if you dropped this eye shadow you wouldn't make as much of a mess as with typical loose eyeshadows. And finally is the Make-up Pochette, a gorgeous make-up bag that I would be more inclined to carry as a clutch bag on a night out lol!!!

Kiko is a great affordable brand, that offers great quality items at affordable price points. If you would like any items from this collection, I wouldn't hang around as it's limited edition, you can find what's left of it here.