Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel!!!

So I've had this post sitting in my drafts for ages, I recently purchased a new tube of the Eyeko brow gel and thought about this post, as a beauty blogger constantly trying new products its a big deal when one is repurchased. This is a tinted brow gel that comes in one 'universal' shade, it works perfectly on my deeper skintone and dark hair, the squeezy tube means it will last for ages, I'm still scraping some product from my old tube.

Loads of brands are now releasing brow products with a much smaller wand, but I feel Eyeko was definitely one of the first, which is genius, your brows are such a small area of your face, and if you have sparse brows like mine even smaller than average lol!!! So a huge mascara sized wand isn't ideal, such a simple thing, but makes a huge difference.

In addition to the the tiny wand, the formula also contains keratin (the protein that makes up hair and skin) and gingko bilabo, which are said to work to condition and thicken the brow and it is paraben free.

It's great worn alone or over other brow products like pencils or creams and I absolutely love it, the pictures below show the product applied alone.

 no brow gel

Only brow gel, no brow pencil

(Please excuse my brows, they haven't been threaded in months)

I love this brow gel, it's lasts all day and holds brows in place, it's a nice addition to know that something that will be used daily can be a benefit in the long run.

Have you tried any eyeko products? Any other eyeko recommendations?

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