Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fountain Beauty; The Hair Molecule.

Fountain have released a myriad of liquid food supplements, this one supports hair growth from within, claiming to promote strong healthy hair full of shine and is exclusive to It contains 10,000ug of silicon, 200ug of biotin and hyaluronic acid, it cost £34.99 for 240ml and you take 2 teaspoons (10ml) daily meaning the bottle provides 24 servings. It can be taken neat or mixed with juice or beverage, even though the bottle says this is berry flavoured, it has quite a citrus taste to me, initially reminding me of sherbets.

Fountain Beauty The Hair Molecule
 I've taken a few hair supplements over the years, especially since going natural 2 years ago and Biotin is contained in most products designed to promote hair and nail growth, it can also help those who suffer with a dry scalp, 10ml of this provies 400% of your RDA. We've all heard by now how essential hyaluronic acid is for plump hydrated skin, so why not for hair. Fountain state that it regulates and preserves moisture within the tissues and delivers nutrients into the cells, enhancing tissues water retention capacity, we also have an abundance of silicon when we are young, but as we age we lose this.

Now this is a little pricey, because if you take it at the recommended dose it will only last 24 days, I try to take one teaspoon twice a day as I feel spreading out the dose gives the body 2 optimum times to absorb the nutrients. I mostly take it neat, but did try it in my coffee once and was shocked that I could still taste it. I used up this entire bottle and have not repurchased it, I think it's good to use as part of a healthy hair routine, but it's a little pricey and there are cheaper alternatives. I would however repurchase from time to time when on offer, and am very intrigued to try the Energy Molecule.

Have you tried this or any other molecule from Fountain?

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