Sunday, 3 May 2015

Aallexxy's Foundation Files; Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up Palette

Foundation Files; This is where I test out different base products, from concealer to powder, tinted moisturiser and foundation etc, over a period of 7-14 days and post my findings. (Follow me on Instagram,Twitter and Bloglovin so you don't miss a post) So let’s get started!!!

First off some information about me; Skintype: Combination (leaning dry in winter and Oily in Summer). Shade Reference:in between MAC NC45-50/NW43. Undertones: Yellow/Neutral.

Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up Palette
Brand: Bobbi Brown

Name: Face Touch-up Palette
Coverage: Medium

Shade: Golden; Comprises of Corrector in dark Peach, Creamy Concealer and Skin Foundation Stick in Golden, and Sheer Finished Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow. (In the order swatched below)
Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up Palette Swatches; Corrector, Creamy Concealer, Skin foundation Stick & Sheer Finished Pressed Powder
What The brand says: Perfect skin, simplified. This palm-sized palette has everything you need to make your skin look its best—Bobbi’s top-rated Corrector, Creamy Concealer, Skin Foundation Stick and Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. Ideal for all skin types and available in fifteen skin tone correct shade combinations.
Great for travel and touch-ups, this coordinated four-in-one face palette contains shades, textures and finishes designed to look like skin: Corrector to brighten and neutralize under eye discoloration; Creamy Concealer to lighten and even out under eye skin tone; Skin Foundation Stick to cover any redness and unevenness on the face; Sheer Finish Pressed Powder to set Concealer for longer-lasting wear. Start with Corrector to brighten and neutralize under eye discoloration, beginning at inner corner of eyes where skin tends to be darkest. Layer on Creamy Concealer, gently patting to blend. Apply Skin Foundation Stick all over the face, or just where needed. Set concealer with a light dusting of Sheer Finish Pressed Powder.
Wear time (with/without primer): I haven't reviewed the wear time on this, as the palette is more about touching up, which assumes your original base has worn away or you are wanted to touch-up/increase coverage to go out after work etc. Plus I will be including some of the products in this palette individually in this series, and will go into more detail then.
Price (ml): £34 for 5.1g

Pros: Great to try a selection of Bobbi brown's base products in one go
Great for travel and daily touch up's
15 shades, although I can only see 12 available on the website
Cons: Very small
Really deep skintones may not find a match
Suitable Skin Types: All

Ingredients: Not stated on the website and the tiny leaflets included in my order are so small a picture would be difficult to read anyway. I am going to try and review majority of the items in this palette individually as time goes on, so will include individual ingredients then.
Oxidation: No
Any Other Information: I think this maybe limited edition so not sure how long it will be around for.

Conclusion: I think this is one of those things where, if it meets your need it's worth it. It would be great for travel/daily touch-ups, and a good way to trial 4 base products from Bobbi Brown without having to invest in full sizes. I would have liked if the price was a little cheaper though, considering the size. I personally don't tend to touch up concealer and base daily, just powder, plus if I do touch-up concealer (if I'm going out after work) I would use a lighter shade to highlight. So I will be exchanging this for the creamy Concealer kit (stay tuned for a review), as I think this is best suited to my needs, and I can pick the appropriate highlight shade for my skintone.

*Rating: Dislike (I like the individual products inside, but this palette doesn't serve it's ourpose for me).
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