Friday, 17 July 2015

Aallexxy's Foundation Files; House of Glamdolls Glambase Wheel

Foundation Files; This is where I test out different base products, from concealer to powder, tinted moisturiser and foundation etc, over a period of 7-14 days and post my findings. (Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin so you don't miss a post) So let’s get started!!!

First off some information about me; Skintype: Combination (leaning dry in winter and Oily in Summer). Shade Reference: in between MAC NC45-50/NW43. Undertones: Yellow/Neutral.

House of Glamdolls Glambase Wheel 2
Brand: House of Glamdolls
Name: Glambase Wheel

Coverage: Light - Full
Shade: 2


House of Glamdolls Glambase Wheel 2 Swatches
What The brand says: Created by David Horne, The GlamBase Wheel is a mixing revolution for complexion enhancement. The wheel contains 6 shades that have been blended for easy complexion perfection every time. The GlamBase Wheel 2 is presented in a windowed compact. 35g;
1. Radiate: The centre shade Radiate is a copper iridescent cream highlighter.
2. Caramel: A cream pigment designed to illuminate and lift features.
3. Toffee: A cream pigment designed to use as a lid neutral base and to highlight and sharpen features.
4. Chestnut: A cream pigment designed to use as a mixing beauty base shade and to shape and sculpt features.
5. Truffle: A deep neutral pigmentation concealer designed to conceal pigmentation and enhance the complexion.
6. Shadow: A deep olivine brown concealer and contour.

Wear time (with/without primer): The wear time on this is good on my combination skin, you will need to touch up through the day, to keep it looking at it's best even with a mattifying primer. Although when my oils do push through it gives more of a glow than an oil slick look.
Price (ml): £25 for 35g

Pros: Great for travel
6 Shades in one compact
Multi-purpose i.e. concealer, contour, highlight, base etc.
Reasonably priced
Will last a long time
Compact and lightweight
Great for Makeup Artists
Cons: No ingredients lists on the website
Suitable Skin Types: All, extremely oily skins prep accordingly.

Scent: A lightly subtle floral scent that I can only smell when i stick my nose in the palette and not on my face.

Ingredients: Not stated on the website, on the back of the product, but each shade has a slightly different ingredient list.
Oxidation: None

Any Other Information: I was initially scared of the Shadow (olive Green Brown) shade in this palm sized wonder, but I got a tip on Instagram from David Horne himself, who suggested I mix it with the more red based shades (Truffle or Chestnut depending on your skintone) to make the perfect neutral contour shade. Which made perfect sense, once he said it.

This palm sized compact is lightweight with it's plastic packaging, but secure due to the screw top lid, with a clear pane you can see the product through. The radiate shade is also perfect for the current craze 'Strobing', aka highlighting, on darker skintones for that lit from within, hit by the light in the right places glow.
Conclusion: This is a great product if you love highlighting or contouring or if you struggle to find your base shade, it has everything in it for a flawless complexion, all you need in addition to this is powder. I think this is a great buy for it's multi-purpose function and practicality, there isn't a single shade in this that I cannot find a purpose for, which is unusual for a palette you haven't personally picked the shades yourself.

*Rating: Love

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