Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Penhaligons; Fragrances for the Eccentric!!!

I have to say this is my first foray into the luxury fragrance brand that is Penhaligons, established in the 1800's, they understand the emotive power of scents and how it can unlock memories. They strive to create original scents for the discerning eccentrics of today, and as I like to think I'm a little left of centre, I think this might be the beginning of a long long affair with the brand. They have created 2 new (male and female) fragrances to reflect the smells of the British Coast.
Penhaligons Blasted Health and Blasted Bloom
First up is *Blasted Heath (Male), it's scent is based on the smell of the ocean breaking against the shore, this is due to the top notes of Aquatic Accord, Seaweed Absolute and Clary Sage. It has heart notes of Green Leaves, Clearwood, Tobacco Absolute and Whiskey Accord, which adds a layer of earthiness and woodiness to the fragrance. And finally are the base notes of Patchouli Essence, Alaskan Cedarwood Essence, Gaiacwood Essence, Vetiver SFE and Musk, which is said to give it an assertive masculine character.

Penhaligons Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom
Then we have *Blasted Bloom (Female), this is more focused on the freshness of the wild flowers found along the British Coast, merged with a little bit of earthiness. It has head notes of Wild berries, Aquatic Accord and Green Leaves. Heart notes of Eglantine Rose, Pink Pepper Co2 and Hawthorn. And finally Base notes of Alaskan Cedarwood Essence, Clearwood, Moss and Musk.

I am rubbish at describing fragrances, which is why I have stuck with the website descriptions, one thing I will say though is don't be restricted by the gender assignments, my favourite of the two is actually Blasted Heath. These fragrances aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but then would you expect anything less from a perfumer that prides itself on creating scents for the eccentrics?! At £124 for a 100ml bottle and £90 for 50ml, I suggest smell before you buy, they are Eau de Parfums however, and do last well on the skin. If you like the English conutryside or spent a lot of your holidays buy the sea, I reckcon at least one of these is going to take your fancy.

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