Sunday, 1 November 2015

LUSH Christmas; Reusable Gift Wrapping (Knot Wraps)!!!

No one does christmas quite like Lush, the sparkly bath bombs, snowmans, peeping santa bubble bars and sparkly shower jellys. Not to talk about the smells, it's an explosion of christmas in a store. What got me most this year though were the Knot Wraps, did you know last year we used enough wrapping paper to go around the world 9 times, shocking right?! So Lush came up with the idea of tying your loved ones presents up in reusable gift wrapping in the form of beautiful scarves, some which are made of organic cotton and others are made from recycled plasctic bottles, yes you read that right each scarf is made up of 2 plastic bottles.

TheFoundationDirectory; Lush Knot Wraps
The idea is based on a traditional wrapping cloth called Furoshiki, used in Japan to wrap everything from gifts to groceries. All you have to do is visit your lush store, pick your chosen items for your loved one and the design of the Knot Wrap that most takes your fancy, and a member of staff will wrap them very creativily for you. You can also buy online, and and watch the video for various ways to tie your knot wrap, whic one are you going to try?! The Handbag, The Bottle Wrap or the Plaited Handle to name a few. Your loved one gets a little bit of christmas happiness from lush, as well as a Knot Wrap that they can treasure and use over and over again, with the added bonus that your also helping the environment. And at only £4.50 each, what's not to love?!

ThefoundationDirectory; Lush Winter Wonderland Christmas Gifting

If this is all a bit too fussy for you, or you want a bigger selection of items for your loved one, don't forget Lush will still have there usual Christmas Gift Sets that come beautifully pre-packaged. Like the Winter Wonderland gift above, it contains 20 of Lush's most popular bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts for £82.95.

You can find the items here. Do you know what your choice will be this year? Knot Wrap, Gift set or both?!