Friday, 26 February 2016

DHC Beauty Lift

DHC introduces the ultra hydrating Beauty Lift Series, a range of products to hydrate, smooth and give skin an instant firmer feel and appearance, the collection is different in that it has a lightweight, calming formula compared to some more heavier anti-ageing options. The range includes 4 products; Beauty Lift Lotion (Toner), Beauty Lift Essence (Serum), Beauty Lift Milk and Beauty Lift Cream.

The Beauty Lift Lotion (Toner), is the first step to be used after cleansing, DHC call their toners lotions because there said to be just as hydrating as a lotion and I can vouch for that. This is a hydrating toner said to reduce the look of fine lines and prepare skin for moisturiser, it contains Oat Kernel to provide vital moisture, Ceramide-3 to promote barrier strength, Pentapepide-18 to improve elasticity and minimise expression lines and Mevalonolactone to ensure all this essential hydration is held in the skin. If you're like me and love a spray toner, decant some of this into a spray bottle and mist over skin, it'll feel plump, soft and hydrated.

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Beauty Lift Essence is a hydrating serum featuring an advanced formula of botanicals and peptides combined with olive oil, it's very lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, while still leaving it plump and hydrated.

Beauty Lift Milk is a lightweight moisturiser that has similar key ingredients to the toner, this moisturiser will be great for my combination skin come warmer weather, to hydrate it without creating further oil and a great base for makeup.

Beauty Lift Cream is a deeply moisturising and rich formula that I prefer to use overnight, when I do, I wake up with plump, soft and hydrated skin. Dry skin ladies will love this, all year round to beat dry flaky skin. All these products are fragrance and paraben free, and so should be suitable for even those with sensitive skin. The products range in price from £34-41, but are currently on sale on the DHC website here till the end of the month. Selected DHC products can also be found here, here and here.

Have you tired anything from the range?

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