Thursday, 10 March 2016

Byterry Light Expert Click Brush Foundation for Darker Skin Tones

If you follow me on instagram and/or snapchat (Aallexxy1) you would have seen that last summer I got invited to a Byterry event for the launch of a new high tech foundation for the busy on the go woman, it was Light Expert Click Brush, I eagerly and excitedlyattended. So you can understand my dismay/frustration when, even with 6 shades on offer, the darkest shade was no match for me.

Byterry Light Expert Click Brush Event last Summer (darkest shade on offer)
During the event they were questions from fellow brown beauty bloggers as to why this was the case, we were promised that these were in the works, but due to the high tech formula they were taking longer to develop and perfect than the lighter shade counter-parts. It was a synchronised eye-rolling moment for us all, as I personally felt it was another line to fob us off, especially as we were told we could use the current darkest shade (see above) to highlight. So to my delight fast forward to about a week ago when I got an email from the Global Brand Ambassador for Byterry inviting me to a Light Expert Click Brush Workshop for darker skin tones at the office in London. I obviously went along, expecting maybe 1-3 extras shades for brown beauties, much to my delight they are planning to expand the range by 6 shades and wanted input before mass producing the products for a September release.

TheFoundationDirectory; New Byterry Light Expert Click Brush Shades
Pictured above are lab samples, so I don't know the official shade names, but I did get to apply this foundation on my skin. If you like a lightweight serum textured base with light-medium coverage, that can be applied on the go, on top of pre-existing makeup without caking then this is definitely for you. If you follow me on snapchat you would have seen how the makeup still looked pretty after several hours of wear, once I receive my official sample I will do another post with swatches and wear time, I can't wait for this to be released.

Wearing one of new shades of Byterry Light Expert Click Brush with Terry Degunzburg (Founder)
I have to say this is very impressive from the brand, it shows they really care and what to embrace the woman of colour as a serious customer, with much larger brands choosing to ignore us, it's nice to be able to write this post. I also got to met the founder herself Terry Degunzburg, and watch her in action, again you would have caught this all on my snapchat. I have to say she is absolutely brilliant, she took the time to take pictures with us all, applied makeup to some, and asked what our thoughts were on her product. They also asked what other brown beauty friendly products we would like to see from the brand, telling me this isn't going to be a one off situation. This is a great example to other brands who say it can't be done, more like they don't want to do it, Byterry have secured a customer in me from this as a result.

Are you excited for the new Light Expert Click Brush shades? Have you used anything from this brand before? Do you have any recommendations?