Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Beauty Blender Masterclass; The things you didn't know you could do with a Beauty Blender!!!

TheFoundationDirectory; Beauty Blender Masterclass
 On an unexpectedly hot day in September I toddled along to a Beauty Blender Masterclass, not expecting to learn much more than I already knew about beauty blenders, oh how wrong was I?! Beauty Blender exclusively use a unique material that is not found in any other makeup sponge, once wet the water fills the pores of the sponge so it doesn't soak up any further makeup, you just 'Wet, Squeeze and Bounce'. There are a couple of exception to this beauty blender mantra, but we will get to that later.

Firstly did you know there was a body blender? That's right a huge flat shape (think huge egg sliced right through the middle), that can be used to apply fake tan, body shimmer etc to large areas of the body and keep your hands clean while doing it.
TheFoundationDirectory; Beauty Blender Original (Pink)
Then of course there's the original Pink Beauty Blender, that can be used to apply foundation, powders, primers, cream blush etc. The shape allows for impeccable blending with a professional finish, no brush marks and if you usually have issues with products 'balling up' when you try to layer them, this will help prevent that.

Next up is my absolute favourite of the entire bunch, and one of the exceptions that doesn't conform to the 'wet, squeeze, bounce' mantra. It's the only sponge in the line-up that is designed to be used dry, it's the Blotterazzi, the first washable, re-usable alternative to blotting papers. It's a flat teardrop shaped sponge that you press against the skin to gently absorb oil without disturbing your makeup, it comes housed with 2 in a cute mirrored air vented compact that can easily fit in your handbag for on the go touch-ups. The sponge is super easy to clean, using the beauty blender cleaner, or what I've done, which is with anti-bacterial hand washing soap. This is great as it allows you to get rid of shine, without leading to a cakey build-up from the over use of powder. I touch-up less with powder since using this, and when I do use powder I feel it applies better as I can get rid of the oil first, I think this is a must for my fellow combo/oily skin girls. Beauty blender state that each sponge lasts 60 days, so the 2 in the compact will give you 120 days of use, but to be honest I think I will get longer use out of mine, I haven't even touched the second sponge in the compact and have had them for about a month now and the first sponge looks great and is still going strong.

TheFoundationDirectory; Beauty Blender Micro Mini
Next up is the Beauty Blusher and Micro Mini, as the name suggests the first is for the use of application of cream or powder blusher. I actually prefer to use this to blend under eye concealer and liquid/cream highlighters on the face. The micro mini is designed for this and also to contour, but personally I find it a little small, so just stick with the beauty blusher for this job, although micro mini would be great for contouring/highlighting really small areas like your nose, brow bone etc. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow, that's right, eyeshadow. Especially if you like to apply those one and done washes of colour over your lids, now I haven't tried this myself, but the pro makeup artist that demonstrated this at the masterclass and made it look super duper easy.

TheFoundationDirectory; Beauty Blender Liner Designer
Finally and the only thing in the beauty blender arsenal that actually isn't a sponge, (so again doesn't comply to the 'wet, squeeze, bounce' mantra) other than the cleanser of course, is the Liner Designer. This is set to make doing those instagram enviable winged liners, achieveable for non-professionals like myself. The 3 different sides are designed to help create different angles, curves and shapes to suit your eye, perfect to use with all types of eyeliner. Not only that, but beauty blender has thought of everything, the compact that houses the Liner Designer actually comes with a suction cup and a 5x magnification mirror. So you place the compact at eye level with the little suction cup, rub the liner designer between fingers for 10-15 second to warm it up, this allows the tool to adhere to your skin and stay in place. You use the longer side for dramatic cat eye looks or shorter side for a more subtle look.

I'm sure in all this there's a beauty blender for everyone and all bases are covered, not forgeting the liquid and solid beauty blender cleansers that allow you to maintain and keep your blenders in tip top shape. Beauty Blenders can be found here, here and here.

Are you a beauty blender fan? Did you know all these beauty blenders (and more) existed?