Friday, 7 June 2013

Cream Eyeshadows!!!

Hi all,

Now cream eyeshadows are not new, but they seem to be taking over the beauty aisle at the mo, either in pots, stick or other forms. I love maybelline color tattoos, but was always envious at those in the USA who had a wider variety of colours than what we had access to in the UK. I won some limited edition shades in an instagram competition a while ago, but always wanted to expand my collection. I was in Superdrug recently when they had 3 for 2 on beauty products and to my amazement found any expanded shade range of color tattoos. After a visit to 2 superdrug stores I ended up purchasing 6 new shades, adding to the 3 I won and 1 previous shade I purchased. I now have a collection of 10 color tattoos and 2 other cream eyeshadows, one from Mememe and another from B, both available at superdrug.

Previously owned colours:
Barely Beige                                         Mossy Green
Rich Mahoghany   

On and On Bronze
 Autumn Smoulder                                                                                         Bittersweet

New shades of color tattoos:


Endless Purple

I'm absolutely loving cream eyeshadows, great if you're new to using eyeshadow, as a base/primer for powder eyeshadows, also great if you're in a hurry. I especially love color tattoos, they just don't budge, the rest of my face could be melting off, but these eyeshadows stay firmly where you put them. They are also the cheapest of the brands featured, £4.99, and will last ages. Not all these colours are going to get daily use, but they are absolutely beautiful and great if you want to be more daring, or to add a pop of colour to your eye look.

How many color tattoos do you own? Are you as cream eyeshadow crazy as me?
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