Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer!!!

So if you've read my Nip+fab post then you'll know I've spent the last couple of months trying to fade some blemish marks on my cheeks, in the mean time I had to cover them up, and found none of the concealers in my stash upto the task. After hearing so much about secret camouflage I decided to take the plunge, at £26 it's not exactly cheap, but it definitely lives up to it's name.

I have the shade SC-7, second to the last darkest shade in the range, it contains two compartments one with a yellow based concealer to match your undertones. The smaller side is a more red based concealer, to match the depth of your skins tone, this enables you to customise your shade all year round. It's a very dry consistency, and I would beware of using it under your eyes, especially if you have dry skin, lots of fines etc. However one of the beauty consultants stated that she mixed in a little serum and it works fines, I have used it under my eyes and had no problems, but when my skin gets more dry in the colder months I may steer clear.
I dip my brush in both sides, using more of the yellow side to match my undertones and buff over the areas I want to cover, I then sometimes pat in further with my fingers to fully warm the concealer up on my skin.
Top pic; FlashBottom pic; daylight
I absolutely love this concealer, it has great longevity, and covers without looking heavy or cakey. Some days I use this, just a light powder like the chanel les beiges (Click for blogpost) and it looks great and natural, while offering great coverage.
No concealerSecret Camouflage
As you can see my blemishes are no longer as severe thanks to the Nip+Fab range, but it still covers what's lingering behind, and I have no other make-up on in this picture (other than brows).

Have you tried this concealer, what do you think?

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