Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Clinique's Superprimer!!!

So Clinique have released a line of primers, 6 in total, one universal shade and 5 tinted variants to cater to differing needs. I purchased the peach tinted shade aimed at correcting discoloration, it's a 30ml tube, and cost £20.

I normally use an orange corrector around my mouth area as this area can go grey and ashy under foundation due to hyperpigmentation, but sometimes in the morning when I'm rushing out the door to work it's just an extra step I don't always have time for, so to find a primer and corrector in one was next on my list of beauty purchases. As you've probably heard, peach tones correct pigmented areas of the face including dark under eye circles, based on the colour wheel theory. The lighter your skintone the more pinky/peach the shade should be, and the darker your skintone the more orange it needs to be.

This primer is obviously more along the peach shade spectrum, rather than the bright orange shade I normally use, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did make it easier to conceal dark blemish marks and helped brighten the pigmented areas around my mouth, though not as much as my orange corrector. This primer made my skin feel silky smooth and foundation definitely glided on more smoothly, and it increased the longevity of my foundation.

All in all it's a great primer, and a great way for me to cut my morning routine down by a step, while offering extra longevity. Have you tried any of the clinique superprimers? What did you think?

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