Sunday, 15 June 2014

Cane and Austin Ultra Sheer Weightless SPF50 Sunscreen.

I purchased this Cane and Austin sunscreen towards the end of last summer from SpaceNK, the one I was using at the time was making my already summer oily prone skin oilier. It's a chemical sunscreen, which is most effective when applied on bare skin, as it needs to interact with skin cells to be most effective.


This stuff is great, it's an extremely white watery liquid when it comes out, but does not at all leave a white cast and sits beautifully under make-up. It isn't cheap at £32 for just shy of 60ml, but it's fortified with anti-oxidants including green tea, vitamin E and Co-Q10, it's oil, alcohol and paraben free and has photo-stable technology.

A lot of brands are now bringing out there versions of this kind of transparent ultra sheer finish, but at the time I purchased this it was quite unique and is now one of my favourite sunscreens. This has an expiry date on the bottom (month and year), which I think is great, sunscreens become in-effective after a while and you wouldn't want to think you're being protected when you're not.

Have you tried this sunscreen or anything similar?

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