Friday, 21 August 2015


As someone who perpetually struggles to get more than 3 days chip free wear out of nail polish, I was intrigued when offered the chance to try an LED Topcoat at a recent Debenhams Press Day. I had heard of DIY gel manicures before, but was intrigued because this one was different to the ones I was aware of. GelTouch LED Topcoat can be applied over ANY nail polish and gives up to 10 days chip free wear and is easy to remove, by buffing, soaking or peeling off.

GelTouch LED Topcoat Starter Kit

I was given the opportuinity to try this for myself at home, I received the GelTouch Starter Kit, which contains a cute compact LED lamp, the Gel Topcoat and some cleansing wipes. I started by applying my nail colour in the usual way, basecoat, 2 layers of colour and you have to let this completely dry before you can apply the top coat. Once the polish is dry I applied one layer of topcoat and cured this in the lamp for 60 seconds, cleaned off any sticky residue with the provided wipes and I was done. completely dry, shiny nails that should last up to 10 days, depending on how hard you are on your hands.
GelTouch Topcoat Starter Kit
I got about 5 days before a chip appeared, by the 6th day there was a little bit of tip wear, on the press day 2 coats of the Topcoat were applied, each layer cured for 60 seconds. So I think for future applications I will try this. I'm very happy with the GelTouch Topcoat, I like the fact that I can still use all of my many nail polishes and extend there wear in one very easy step, plus it's cheaper than getting gel nails done at the salon.

The Geltouch Starter Kit and the new Glitter Topcoats that launch for Chrsitmas will be available on any day now. Have you tried any at home gel manicures?