Friday, 20 May 2016

Kiko Cosmetics - The Artist Collection

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The Italian brand Kiko bring us The Artist Collection, inspired by the world of art and looks at your face as the canvas and these products are your artist's tools. We can now all be our own artist and create a work of art on our face. I love the idea behind this collection, and the collection itself doesn't disappoint, all at very affordable price points.

The full collection consists of;
  • Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation £12.90
  • Velvet Loose Mineral Beauty Powder £10.90 – 4 shades
  • Blending Wave Multi color Blush £10.90 – 4 shades
  • Fine Art Eye Pencil £5.90 – 6 shades
  • Signature Eye marker £6.90
  • Artist Powder Face Brush £13.90
  • Artist Foundation Face Brush £13.90
  • Artist Eye Duo Brush £11.90
  • Artist Pochette £9.90
  • Blooming Glow £13.90
  • Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter £8.90
  • Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eye shadow £6.90 - 6 shades
  • Colour Click Lipstick £6.90
  • Fine Art Lip Pencil £4.90 - 6 shades
  • Artist Pochette - Make-up bag £9.90

TheFoundationDirectory; Kiko Artist Collection

Firstly I love the packaging of this collection, the clean white with splashes of colour, how the lip pencil is literally shaped like an artist's pencil and the push click delivery system of the lipstick. I will be discussing the latter 5 items on the blog today, starting with the Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter, that literally has a cushion ball applicator like how an artist may use a sponge to smudge colours into a canvas. You twist the applicator up from the bottom, and the smudge or dab onto areas of your face you would like to highlight. It's a gorgeous pale golden shade, that can either give a subtle lit from within glow or built up for full on look for you highlighter fiends out there. Then the Colour Click Lipstick that's very reminiscent of Chanel's lipstick delivery system, where you push the bottom of the lipstick and it pops out. There are 5 shades in total, I have the shade 03 Clamourous Strawberry, it's a bright pink shade. This lipstick is super creamy and glides on the lips, it has a satin finish. Then I have the Fine Art Lip Pencil in the matching shade, which is highly pigmented, creamy and also glides along the lips. They have a sort of rounded triangle shape, in the guise of an actual artist's pencil, great for stopping it from rolling away while you're doing your make-up. Now for the Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eye shadow, I have the shade 05 Skill Blue, a super glittery royal blue colour. I love the mesh style delivery system in the packaging, so if you dropped this eye shadow you wouldn't make as much of a mess as with typical loose eyeshadows. And finally is the Make-up Pochette, a gorgeous make-up bag that I would be more inclined to carry as a clutch bag on a night out lol!!!

Kiko is a great affordable brand, that offers great quality items at affordable price points. If you would like any items from this collection, I wouldn't hang around as it's limited edition, you can find what's left of it here.