Wednesday, 25 May 2016

MAC Cosmetics A/W16 Trend Presentation; MAC A/W16 Trends
It seems really odd to be talking or thinking about autumn/winter, when we've barely had a summer, but I got the fab opportunity to attend the MAC A/W16 Trends Presentation. Talking make-up and nail trends for autumn/winter this year, based on designs done on the catwalks of fashion week.

Make-up Trends
Let's start with the make-up trends; It's going to be all about the lightweight base, something we are more accustomed to in summer, allowing the skin to show through, no make-up make-up if you like. NOw don't be shocked, but apparently contouring is going out, yes there's an 'anti-contouring' trend on the horizon, according to MAC. I guess this goes hand in hand with a much more lightweight base and skin looking more like skin.; MAC A/W16 Trends
Of course we expect a dark lip for autumn/winter, but MAC is trying to reinvent how this is applied, think grungy but sophisticated. Imperfect lip lines, that are smudgy around the edges. Also glossy lips are in, new technology will allow us to apply a glossy lip that lasts, without the need for multiple reapplications using MAC's lipglass. Eye liner is also being applied haphazardly, as if you've made a mistake, not just sticky strictly to the lash line area. Of course the nude isn't going anywhere either, but think true nudes, that actually look like your own lip colour almost as if you're not wearing a lip colour. It's all about lip prep before application, so you don't actually require that much colour. Also heart shaped lips are in, on the catwalk these were drawn in on the models, where their cupids bows were very exaggerated. Again prepping lips so they look as plump as possible prior to colour application.

The main thing here I guess is that short nails are out and long pointy nails are in, which is great for me, but I'm sure pointy nails have been in for a while (think stiletto nails). Nails are still matte, but not flat and glamorous, but with an edge and some attitude. Another catwalk trend that may not necessarily translate to everyday is painting the actual fingers, yes, extending the polish down your thumb for instance. It'll only last the night, but it'll be interesting to see if this actually takes off. My favourite of the nail trends however is the idea of not forgetting the back of the nail, that's right a little colour or bling applied to the underside of the nail, which again I guess goes hand in hand with short nails being out! Nail art is going to be paired way back, and be reserved for the underside of the nail too. Also MAC are trying to reinvent the classic french manicure, by leaving them clear instead of painting them white. Pastel nails are also going to be big in A/W, but these are going to be applied with a shimmer topcoat that makes them easier to wear and less chalky. I'd like to see that in practice, as pastel colours can be difficult to pull off on deeper skin tones, it'll be interesting to see if the shimmer topcoat makes a difference.

Obviously trends are just guidelines, and some catwalk trends won't translate to every day wear as easily. Always feel free to continue to wear your make-up and nails however makes you happy, rules are there to be broken after all.

What are your thoughts on these A/W MAC Trends?