Monday, 25 July 2016

Pre-Holiday Prep to getting Beach Body Ready - Body & Hair

Now everyone is bikini body ready, you have a body and stick a bikini on it, so don't worry, this post is not about fad diets, waist trainers or weeks of starvation, just a few things I will be doing to make myself feel a little more confident when I want to strip down (to my bikini) on the beach. Being 30+ post child there's no doubt that that I'm feeling a little hesitant about donning a bikini on my pending summer holiday, yes I know I should be brimming with confidence and have a 'no care' attitude, but here is what I'll be doing to help that attitude along a little bit. I'll have a series of posts on pre, during and post holiday preparation/reparation, for my face, body and hair as I will be going to Greece next month to be Matron of Honour at my best friends wedding, we (husband & son) decided to extend our stay a little and make it our family summer holiday. 

This post will focus on what I'm doing to prepare for the holiday, with regards to my Body and Hair;

So other than wishing I could have abs overnight, my main body prep is hair removal, when going away I opt for waxing all over. I normally wax my underarms anyway, but now we go into full leg and bikini territory (ouch). To get the best wax, especially if it's not something you do regularly, you need to schedule a wax approximately 6 weeks before the actual waxing session before you go away. This ensures you catch most of the hairs around the same length in their growth cycle for the smoothest results possible, also I would encourage some body exfoliation about 5 days prior to the waxing appointment and at least 3 days after to prevent ingrown hairs. In shower body scrubs are great for this, saves time, prevents too much mess and are effective. I've opted for my latest descovery DHC Olive Corn Body Scrub and Polish, which contains Olive Oil and Vitamin E, but in the past I've also used the one by Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub (herehere), which s a little less abrasive.
Hair: So I have natural afro dyed hair, which is usually worn in a protective style, think wigs and weaves. I have done a Olaplex treatment on my hair (I bought a sample off ebay), this is a unique treatment in that it's the only one that can repair/build broken bonds, usually broken through chemical processes like relaxers, heat damage, permanent colour processes, bleaching the hair etc. This should help strengthen my hair and make more resistant to the damages that can occur from sun, sea, chlorine and sand.
I'm also getting an Arosci Keratin Treatment done at my hairdresser salonABV, (check them out) this will hopefully allow for quick frizz free washing and drying of my hair, to ensure I can easily wash out the sea and chlorine water with ease, nobody wants to spend half their holiday doing wash day activities. The Olaplex treatment is also recommended to be done prior to keratin treatments, to protect hair from the amount of heat that is usually applied during these processes. I haven't decided how I am going to wear my hair on holiday, so this will impact what I get done before I go.

Let me know what your pre-holiday prep consists of? Do you have any tips for me?

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