Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Curlformers Curlspiration Day

TheFoundationDirectory; Curlformers Curlspiration Day

Why didn't you all tell me about Curlformers by Hairflair? I've seen these about for ages, but for some reason have never ever tried them. So of course I jumped at the opportunity when invited to Taylor Taylor Salon for a Curlspiration day, which essentially involved me getting my hair and nails done in the gorgeous Taylor Taylor Salon. If you are reading this thinking what the hell are Curlformers, well read on and let me tell you.

TheFoundationDirectory; *Curlformer's Curlspiration Day
Curlformers are the world's only patented heat free hair curlers, they are suitable for all ages (I wouldn't use them on a baby...obvs), hair types, wigs and weaves with absolutely no risk of heat damage. There are 3 different sizes, starting with the tightest curl you have Corkscrew, Spiral and Barrel. There are also 2 lengths, long and extra long. To use them you take the included styling hook and feed it through the Curlformer, then on damp hair, take a small section of hair, ensuring that all the hair is securely in the hook and pull the hair through the Curlformer (sounds complicated, but you get the hang of it very quickly). Once you have completed your entire head, you can either air dry (I have slept in them) or use the Softhood, also by Hairflair and a hairdryer to dry your hair. Once your hair is completely dry just pinch the root of your hair and pull the Curlformer to remove, then style. Voila the perfect curl. If my explanation has confused you even more, no worries there are numerous videos on the Culformers website here

TheFoundationDirectory; Curlformer's Curlspiration Day

On the day the long barrel Curlformers were used on my dampened kinky straight textured weave and dried with the Softhood, I absolutely loved the finished result. If you are rubbish at curling your own hair like me, or don't want to use heat on your hair, then you need these in your life!!! They also have some great brushes I have been loving, check it all out at

TheFoundationDirectory; Curlformer's Curlspiration Day
*All photo's courtesy of CurlformersOfficial