Saturday, 10 December 2016

Foundation Files; Byterry Light-Expert Click Brush Foudnation (Shade Extension)

Foundation Files; This is where I test out different base products, from concealer to powder, tinted moisturiser and foundation etc, over a period of 7-14 days and post my findings. (Follow me on InstagramTwitter and Bloglovin so you don't miss a post) So let’s get started!!!

First off some information about me; Skintype: Combination (leaning dry in winter and Oily in Summer). Shade Reference: in between MAC NC45-50/NW43. Undertones: Yellow/Neutral.

TheFoundationDirectory; Byterry Light-Expert Click Brush Foundation

Brand: Byterry
TheFoundatiobDirectory; Byterry Light-Expert Click Brush Foundation

Name: Light-Expert Click Brush

TheFoundationDirectory; Byterry Light-Expert Click Brush Foundation
Coverage: Light-Medium

Shade: 11 - Amber Brown
15 - Golden Brown
16 - Intense Mocha


What The brand says: Light Perfection Foundation Brush is an anti-blemish, anti-dullness, anti-shadow foundation, this ingenious brush, christened the foundation for makeup dummies, guarantees flawless skin with every stroke! With a click, its brush applies its featherlight texture for virtually imperceptible yet totally perfecting artfully deceptive coverage. A new intelligent, practical and easy-to-apply beauty step for an instantly luminous result! The formula is an ingenious filling and anti-aging product with its extreme skincare formula: Hydra-smoothing hyaluronic acid microspheres act like an ""anti-furrow"" patch, plumping up wrinkles for an instant lifting effect. Seven anti-senescence substances (phytosterols, phytosteroids, ursolic acid, isoflavones, policosanols, pro-vitamin A, vitamin E) form a rejuvenating catalyst providing long-term protection and defying the laws of time. The Teint Expert Collection is a revolutionary take on all-in-1 make-up, this foundation brush combines a star anti-imperfection formula with a futuristic ergonomic and effective applicator to sculpt the face, instantly erasing imperfections for silky, even skin in no time.  very lightweight on the skin. I use the applicator brush to dab the foundation on my face, but I prefer to reach for an alternative brush to buff the foundation into my skin.