Thursday, 2 May 2013

Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment!!!

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I had heard of this treatment a while ago, but never really gave it a second thought, until recently. I'm always on the look out for new ways to best manage my hair, after a youth of abuse, I've done it all. Numerous colours ranging from the average black to shocking purple, relaxer, buzz cut, braids you name it. Currently I tend to hide my very dry hair away in the winter with the use of weaves and leave it out and relax it in the warmer months, with a trim or cut and weekly deep conditioning, I try to aim for something low maintenance being a working mum.

Being that I love to try new things I did a bit of research, sourced a reliable hairdresser Ozzy Tudo via Soraya of style is my thing fame and decided to take the plunge into getting a brazilian blow dry, also known as keratin treatment or brazilian blowout etc. To give some background my hair is relaxed, I do it every 3 months when my hair is not in a weave, prior to this treatment my hair was last relaxed in July 2012.

So what is a brazilian blow dry? It is somewhat controversial as it contains formaldehyde, but the one used on my hair does comply with EU regulations of containing less than 0.2% and seeing as it only needs to be repeated every 3-4 months exposure for myself is minimal. I was informed it also contained argan oil and Ozzy was adamant that this treatment is much better for the hair than a relaxer, obviously it also contains keratin a protein naturally found in hair, skin and nails. It is also not permanent like a relaxer, so if left your hair will eventually revert to it's former texture, good for anyone wanting to go natural and manage two different hair textures. The process involved washing my hair with a sulphate free clarifying shampoo, then having the treatment applied to my whole hair section by section, blow drying my hair with a round brush and then straigtening it. In all it took about 2 and a half hours, but this can depend on the length and thickness of your hair, once the blowdrying starts some fumes are emitted that can sting the eyes (window were opened and a fan was on to reduce the discomfort). This was bearable for me and stopped once the blow drying section was complete, you would need to ensure the area you are doing this in is well ventilated though. The worst part for me was actually the blow drying, it was extremely hot and kept burning my scalp, but all in all the fumes were not as bad as I was expecting.

Following the treatment my previously very thick roots and frizy ends were straight, my hair felt soft albeit lacking in volume, but my hair has never been known for being volumous.

(Double pictures are immediately after treatment, single picture is on the third day, prior to wash)

I was told not to wash my hair for at least 3 days following the treatment and ensure any kinks left by hair bands etc are straigtened out at the soonest convenience, some might find this difficult, but I did have my hair in a ponytail one of the days (very loosely) and found it not to be a problem. I was then informed that sulphate free shampoos are to be used to prolong the treatment and to at least blow dry my hair after washing to activate the keratin.

I used Keracare sulphate free hydrating shampoo and mask as a conditioner, colouring my hair in between with a semi-permanent colour, which I was informed was fine to do after having the treatment 3 days prior. My hair feels extremely soft, my roots seemed to semi revert back when wet, but I used the babylis big hair air styler. I'm loving my hair even more after washing, as it now has some volume, it is soft and shiny.

Have you ever had a brazilian blow dry or are intrigued about getting it done? Please share your experience in the comments section, any further questions do not hesistate to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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