Sunday, 10 August 2014

Revitalash and RevitaBrow Advanced Lash and Brow Conditioner!!!

I have been eyeing up these products for a while, but the price always put me off, so when I saw QVC had a TSV (todays special value) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try them. I got the revitalash 2 piece Lash and brow conditioner for £76.98, usually £94 and I get a 60 day money back guarantee.
Revitalash & RevitaBrow
Starting with RevitaBrow advanced, an award winning brow conditioner, that is said to enhance the look of your eyebrows for a dramatic natural beauty. It delivers a proprietary blend of scientifically advanced peptides, revitalising extracts and nutritive vitamins to help beautify and enhance the look of bold defined brows. Ingredients include Bio tin complex, Calendula (natural humectant), Swertia, Japonica, Panax and Ginseng. It's housed in a mascara style tube, with a doe foot applicator and needs to be applied once daily, this 3ml size is said to last 4 months. It's great those who have overplucked brows over the years or brows that are thinning due to the ageing process, to buy this individually on QVC it will set you back £71.28.

Revitalash advanced is also said to enhance eyelashes for a dramatic natural look, which to me seems contradictory. It's said to be a breakthrough cosmetic formula that addresses the visual signs of eyelash ageing and stress, it protects against breakage, brittleness and improve flexibility, moisture and shine for more dramatic looking lashes. It contains a proprietary blend of scientifically advance technology along with natural botanicals, once a day application is required using the slim wand applicator at the base of the lashes without touching the skin on the eyelid. A 2ml size is said to last 3 months, so this 3.5ml supersize should last almost 6 months and will set you back about £80 if bought individually. It contains BioPeptin complex (biotin, green tea extract and peptides), Ginseng, swertia and Japonica (high in anti-oxidants and vitamin B), Saw and Palmetto (high in fatty acids and plant sterols) and wheat and protein.

I've been using these about 3 days now, so too early to comment on results, they are easy to apply and I will be updating this post once I start noticing result. I will be taking QVC up on the 60 day money back guarantee, so if I'm not happy they will be going back.

Have you tried either of these before?

Update: Absolutely love the RevitaBrow, definitely saw growth and thickness to my brows, not so much with Revitalash unfortunately.

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