Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant

TheFoundationDirectory; Dove Soft Feel Powder Room

I was invited down to the Dove Soft Feel Powder Room at Westfield Stratford, to learn all about this popular deodorant called Soft Feel, that's now in it's second year. The scent for this was developed in collaboration with global fragrance house Givaudan, as Dove wanted to explore how we attach scent to memories, you know when you smell something and it gives you a feeling of nostalgia. So Dove partnered up with Givaudan to create a scent that would evoke a sense of comfort, freshness and luxury, the fragrance has top notes of Vanilla, heart notes of Sandalwood and base notes of Ylang Ylang. You wouldn't believe I was still talking about a deodorant with a list like that would you? This all while still incorporating Dove's signature 1/4 moisturising cream, 0% alcohol and 48 hour protection, so the deodorant is still gentle on your underarm skin. I didn't realise so much went into the development of the scent for a deodorant, I will definitely be picking my scent much more carefully from now on, rather than just opting for the odourless version.
TheFoundationDirectory; Dove Soft Feel Deodorant 
The scent as you would imagine from the name is very light and soft, so present enough to be worn on it's own, but definitely wouldn't interfere with any perfume layered over the top. The Soft Feel Powder Room toured London and Manchester, did you spot any pink fluffy pods while out shopping during the month of May?

Dove Soft Feel Deodorant is available here, and currently on offer.