Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Beauty and Melody Salon; Environ Facial

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that in February I attended a Keziah Connections event at the stunning Beauty and Melody Salon, so when I was invited back by Matthew (Manager) to experience an Environ facial I obviously jumped at the chance.

Beauty and Melody Salon
I actually didn't fully understand what an Environ facial was, it was developed by a doctor in South Africa and uses soundwaves and small electric pulses to drive the treatment down into the dermal layers of your skin that it wouldn't be able to reach with just manual application. This Environ facial is effective at treating sun-damage, pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness and scarring to name a few. The process starts with the usual cleansing of the skin, steaming to allow easier access to pores for extraction and then your treatment is applied. You can have either a vitamin treatment (vitamins A, C and antioxidants) or hydration, I choose vitamins. The electric pulses didn't hurt at all, and you quickly get use to the sensation, below you can see the little electrodes attached to the top of the algae mask, that was applied after the vitamin treatment had been done.
Beauty and Melody Environ Facial
I have really be loving my skin at the moment, and I believe it's down to the skincare I'm currently testing (review soon), being properly absorbed into my skin as a result of the facial. There's no point buying expensive skincare products, that will just sit on the surface of the skin, I now see the importance of facials in my skincare routine. There are also Environ skincare products available to purchase, to continue at home what the facial starts in the salon.

Sylvia was welcoming and knowledgable about skincare, even for women of colour and the usual concerns of pigmentation, I felt comfortable and confident in what she was doing. The facial can be done monthly, but for those with particularly problematic skin it can be done weekly or it can be done just before a special ocassion. So it can be adapted to your budget, but at £90 (1hr) - £110 (1hr 30mins), most people like myself will be saving this for a treat or special occassion. There are alternative treatments available at more purse friendly prices, so do have a look at their website
Beauty and Melody Salon
Located a short walk away from Marble Arch tube station, they don't only do facials, but everything from weaves, wigs, makeup to laser hair removal, and yes the machine they use is suitable for darker skin tones.

Do you regularly get facial treatments done? Have you had an environ facial before?

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