Tuesday, 14 April 2015

SBC; Vitamin ACE Shower Gel, Skincare Gel and Body Creme

If you read this post here you know where my love for the SBC Vitamin ACE range started, I am currently on my second tub of the Day and Night Cream. Vitamin ACE stands for vitmains A,C and E, which is contained in this formula, and is effective for anti-ageing and evening out of the skintone among other things (read post linked above for full details). So when I found out SBC were doing a BOGOF (buy one get one free) on their website for the month of March, I couldn't resist a purchase or two.
SBC Vitamin ACE Shower Gel and Body Creme
I have finished a bottle of the Vitamin ACE Skincare gel (which I bought in a set from QVC), it's great if you don't like the feeling of lotions on your skin as it's so light, but I found it was not moisturising enough for my skin so had to mix it with some oil. I decided to try the Body Creme as this is thicker and would be more moisturising, this is much better for my dry body skin, but not at all greasy. Although I still from time to time add a drop of oil, just to get that sheen/richness I like on my skin once I've moisturised, however this may not be needed in the warmer months as my skin is less dry. I'm also on my second bottle of the shower gel, this is a lovely foaming shower gel and just works well in conjunction with the other products and starts the topical application of the lovely vitamins contained in this range.

I thorougly enjoy using this range, and feel my skin is becoming more even with continued use of these products. We always focus on even skin on the face, but with the warmer weather making an appearance an all over even skintone is on the menu, and this range can help achieve that.

I will definitely continue to purchase from this range, I think I've tried everything except the serum, which is next on my wishlist. Have you tried anything from SBC? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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