Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Grow Gorgeous; Back Into The Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Mask

If you've seen this post, then it won't come as a surprise to you that I like most things that come out of the Deciem umbrella, and I'm yet to not like anything from Grow Gorgeous. So when I saw this Stimulating Scalp Mask I bought it without hesitation, I've used up an entire bottle of the Grow Gorgeous Serum, and will definitely repurchase it.

I love a good scalp tingling product, I was using Lush's Roots, but realised after a got a brazilian Blowdry that it contains SLS. This is now my happy replacement, you apply this to your scalp, wait 10 minutes and rinse. It helps promotes scalp circulation, stimulate hair follicles, lifts hair at the roots to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. It has a blend of vitamins, caffeine, biotin and low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid!!!

I apply this to my dry scalp, apply a deep conditioner to the rest of my hair, put on a shower cap and wait at least 20minutes before continuing with the rest of my wash day routine. It's £24 for 240ml, but if you sign up to the website's newsletter they often send out discount codes, I got 20% off this.

It's here, I've also just noticed they have an intense version of the hair serum, that's definitely on my wishlist!!!

Have you tried anything from Growgorgeous?

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