Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sodastream and Dermalogica; To hydrate the nation from the inside out (SparklingSkin Kit)!!!

Last month I attended a beauty blogger event between collaborating brands Sodastream and Dermalogica, on the face of it you might think, what do these two brands have in common? Hydration, which makes perfect sense. It probably won't surprise you that the average Brit drinks less than the recommended daily amount of water, and for every cup of coffee you drink you should be drinking two cups of water to undo the dehydrating damage caffeine can have.

Dermalogica and Sodastream; SparklingSkin Kit #hydrationstation
So Sodastream and Dermalogica came up with the genius idea to 'Hydrate the Nation'! No matter your skin type you have probably suffered from dehydration at one point, so Dermalogica products can treat and target this on the surface, while the Sodastream makes drinking water and hydrating from the inside out more fun and exciting. Dermalogica and Sodastream put together the 'SparklingSkin' limited edition hydration set, it's pointless spending lots of money on skincare and anti-ageing products, only to have there effects undermined by dehydration. This collaboration hopes to give Brits the tools needed to combat daily dehydration, so what does the kit contain;

Dermalogica & Sodastream SparklingSkin Kit (Full Sizes) #hydrationstation
A Sodastream flagship model, which produces 60litres of sparkling water and Dermalogica's amenity kit, which includes samples of the Multi-active toner (4ml), Skin Hydrating Booster (3ml), Intensive Eye repair and Skin Hydrating Masque (foil sample). SparklingSkin not only creates optimum health on the inside, but Dermalogica’s four-step facial beauty regime helps to drastically improve appearance on the outside, by retaining your internal hydration with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to bind essential fluids in the skin. Simply by turning tap water into sparkling water, a UK water study last year found SodaStream drinkers are more likely to drink an extra litre of water a day than the average Brit.

Aallexxy1 (snapchat) Sodastream
I can vouch for this, I have definitely increased my water intake since owning a Sodastream, I sometimes add a drop of cordial when I'm craving something sweet. I have also been using some Dermalogica products and particularly love the Power Bright TRx range (reviewed here), the Multi-active Toner and Skin Hydrating Masque among others, so this is a great way to test them out before investing in the full sizes.

Each SodaStream reusable carbonating bottle is estimated to save the environment from an estimated 1,000 bottles and cans each year, and hydration is critical for luminosity and glow, so not only are you helping your skin you are being environmentally friendly too.

The Limited edition SparklingSkin Kit will be available to purchase exclusively from for £89.99 from late June.

Do you own a Sodastream? How do you ensure you keep your water intake up?

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